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What Are The Absolute Limits For Google Analytics?

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#1 Peter Craig

Peter Craig


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Posted 15 May 2012 - 08:51 PM

I have found it extremely difficult finding definitive information about the limits of Google Analytics. So here is a place that can hopefully give that answer. Below are known limits (or estimates) and some methods to work around them. If you know of any others or changes, please let me know!

  • Maximum number of accounts: 100 (kind of!)
    Workaround: I use a single Google Account to manage over 110 accounts, but I am not able to add any more... I've not read of this elsewhere so here's the kicker: I simply set up the new account using another Google Account (temporarily). Then you add your main account as an administrator under user settings. Then under you're main account you can remove the original user.

    Certified accounts are (officially) allowed up to 200. Regular users are officially allowed 100 althogh the accounts list gives the option to display 100, 250, 500.

    So what's the true maximum? Well so far I've got mine to 110 and treading carefully... let me know if you have more!
  • Maximum number of profiles per account: 50 (?)
    - I've never had any more than about 15. Anyone able to confirm this number?
  • Maximum number of requests per single session visit: 500
    - This is important because if you track a lot of events, you can reach this limit pretty quickly if you're not careful.
  • Maximum requests per 5 seconds: 10
  • Maximum number of custom variables per request: 5
  • Number of characters in report filter: 256
  • Maximum number of advanced segments that can be added to a single report: 4
  • Maximum number of report tabs you can add to a custom report: 5
  • Maximum Metric Groups you can add to a custom report: 5
  • Maximum Dimension Drilldowns you can add to a custom report: 5
  • Maximum Filters you can add to a custom report: 5
  • Maximum Metrics that can be added to a custom report metric group: 10
  • Maximum characters allowed for a report name: 50
  • Maximum characters allowed for a report tab: 50
  • Maximum characters allowed for a metric group name: 50
  • Maximum number of rows to display per report: 500
    Workaround: When you select rows by clicking Show rows: and selection 500, you'll notice this loads the URL ....26explorer-table.rowCount%3D500/ Simply change this to whatever you want and there you have it.

    So what is the true maximum? Besides bogging down the browser, I've successfully displayed 27,000. Anyone got better?
  • Most characters allowed in an alert name: 80
  • Maximum number of characters allowed for a goal name: 256
  • Maximum number of goals per profile: 25
  • Maximum number of goal sets per profile: 5
  • Maximum number of goals per goal set: 5
  • Maximum number of goal funnel steps: 10
  • Highest goal value: 99999999999999999999999999999999
  • Number of statements in an advanced segment: None (?)
    - I don't like "none" or "unlimited" because there's usually a limit that can be found somewhere... Official sources say none but others have said 20. Can anyone confirm this?
  • Maximum number of widgets that can be added to a dashboard: 12
    I find this one interesting because it's the only imposed limit where I've found an alert stating it as a limit with a warning image: https://www.google.c...warning-y48.png
  • Maximum number of characters allowed in a dashboard name: 65,536
    I somehow find this limit a little humorous that there's none imposed. Try it yourself, add a dashboard with a name 65,000 characters long... I assume there is no imposed limit for this field but the browser form field seems to have this limit.
  • Maximum number of visits per day: 50,000
  • Overall API Limits
    - 50,000 requests per project per day
    - 10 queries per second (QPS) per IP
    - No more than 4 requests at the same time. (per IP address)
    - No more than 10 requests for ALL Google API per IP address within a given 1 second period.
  • Core Reporting API Limits
    - 10,000 requests per profile per day
    - 10 concurrent requests per profile
I've not tested these ones, let me know if you have!
  • Maximum number of custom reports
  • Maximum number of report categories
  • Maximum number of alerts allowed per profile
  • Maximum number of users allowed per profile

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#2 MarkeD_NetBooster



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Posted 31 August 2012 - 10:36 AM

A few more:

Profiles: 50 but can be raised to 200.
Advanced Segments: 200 per account
Custom Variables: 5 or 50 with Google Analytics Premium
Daily Pageview Limits: 10 million pageviews or 1 billion with Google Analytics Premium
Rows of Data in Reports: 50,000 or 2 million for Google Analytics Premium. 50,000 rows accessable via API in GA vanilla, via browser it depends on your RAM :)
Data Freshness: 24 hours or 4 hours for Google Analytics Premium

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